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ceadjquietAbasomi ni bahola ebigezo esomero liba ce.When the students sit for the examinations, the school remains very quiet. nothing

ehiŋoleeraebiŋoleerans.t. that is silent2.3.2.5Quiet3. nothing

ejanjasi eriitaŋulirihanaamajanjasi agataŋulirihananinaudible sound; s.t. that is not heard3.5.8.3Unintelligible2.3.2.5Quiet

ohunyololohav1meander; flow in a gentle, winding mannerHu museetwe olwabi lunyololoha hunyololoha ni lwebodyosa.On a plain the river flows gently and in a winding manner. of water1.3.2.1Flow1.3.2.2Pour1.3.1.4Spring, well2walk silently in a stealthy mannerGanyololohire hunyoloha natenda husisimusa baana.She walked silently in a stealthy manner not to awaken the children. movement7.2.1.1Walk2.3.2.5Quiet3.2.3.3Secret

ohutalomavnot speak, keep quiet; not let a word escape2.3.2.5Quiet3. nothingder. ofohuloma

ohwihav1become low; calm downOmwesi ni gwaduha ohudumbeera hwʼamaaji hwiha ŋaasi.When the moon shines the tide becomes low.; climb downMusisi anabita ebisolo ebiba mu bisaala biiha ŋaasi.When there is an earthquake the animals in the trees climb down. down3squatBehire ni baaga obule.They squatted when weeding millet.7.1.2Sit7.1Posture4fall slowlyOmwesi gwehire ebugwalyuba esaawa edatu ejʼegulo.The moon descended at nine o’clock in the evening. down8.1.4.3Decrease7. down; settle down4.8.4Peace3., roughohwihahovbow; lower the body slightly4.5.5Honor3. down7.1.9Move a part of the body7.1.5Bow

woosyaadjvery quietBaali boosya nyinaawe ni gafuuye.They were very quiet when their mother died. nothing