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cehyovar.cehyo ehyeneinterjthat’s it; exactlyHunamuheese ni hugobola, mbo? Ohugaluhamo: cehyo.We shall greet him on our way back, not so? Reply: Exactly.Cehyo nga ndʼolu olomire; ebiri konʼebiri jiba ene.Exactly as you said; two and two make four. of emphasis of identificational and explanatory clauses

enyeneprothemselvesEŋombe ya Muhwana eyagotire nje enyene nʼenyene eyi bangaliiye e Tororo ngenda.Muhwana’s cow that got lost has been found roaming about at Tororo. pronouns8.1.5.8Exact

kutuadv1immediately; when s.t. is done promptlyEtuleeni eri huupi hwola, kutu tiina hu hiteseni.The train is about to arrive; go to the station vey quickly. every manner; exactly in all waysGebisya hya semwana bbe kutu.He behaves like his father in a very manner., similar

ŋaweene oti ihadvat the exact place; at the precise pointGataaye omuguulo mu hasolya aŋa gwolera oti hi.He fixed the purlin of the roof where it exactly fitted.8.5Location8.1.5.8Exact

ohubyengeetanav1hurry, dash or rush about; behave as if in a great hurry even if one is notObyengeeteene hyʼonyiira munju.You hurried like s.b. in a burning house. quickly8.4.8.1Quick7. in a fussy way8.4.8.1Quick8.1.5.8Exact

ohutadobyahovdo s.t correctly without making any mistakes; do s.t. precisely as required3.6.5Correct8.1.5.8Exact8.3.7.7Right, proper

ohwoleraho no huweneadvprecisely, exactly; to the letterNahiholire ohwoleraho no huwene ngʼolubandagiriiye.I did it exactly as I was instructed.