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huba hitye hyeneadvhardly; almost notSihitera huba mu Lunyole.It is hardly seen in Lunyole., almost not8.1.5.6Almost8.

huupivar.huupi huupiadv1near, nearby, beside; s.t. is near when there is very little space or distance to reach itE Busolwe huupi nʼe Mugulu.Busolwe is near Mugulu. to2soon, nearly; when time is short before an event is due to take placeOmwaha guli huupi huupi huŋwaho.The year is soon ending.; degree, e.g., the slope of a hill or the extent of a tree may be high or low to climb or descend7.3.6.3Limit9.3.1Degree8.1Quantity8.2.8Measurehuupi byosibyosiadjalmost all9.4.4.7Just, almost not8.1.5.6Almost8., almost allohuba huupi nevbe almost9.4.4.7Just, almost not8.1.5.6Almost8., almost all

ohutera2vbe soon, about to happenSukukulu anatere ohwola; esigaaye myesi ebiri joka.Christmas is soon coming; we have only two months left., almost not8. yet8.1.5.6Almost8.