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cesookoadvfirst; aspiring to excel or leadCesooko ohuŋwa hu goolo yino ohwola hu yira.Let us find out who will be first if we run from this goal post to the opposite one. numbers7.2.5.1Go first8.

etangirisietangirisinanimal, bird, or an insect that goes in front of others1.6.4Animal actions7.2.5.1Go first

ohusookavstart; beginOhusooka nenda ohulya konyo penyuhe.To start with, I like to eat before i sleep. something8. first; come before others in time, or sequence8. numbers8.4.5.2Before7.2.5.1Go first8.

ohwesookavbe first; come before others in time, or sequenceGadulumire luhulu gesooka abahye bosi bosi hu mugoye.He ran very fast and came first at the finishing line. numbers8.4.5.2Before7.2.5.1Go first8. ofohusooka

omutangilisiabatangilisinleader7.2.5.1Go first