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cikuminumone hundred; quantity of ten times ten8.1.1.1Cardinal numberscikumi muganyasinumIdiom. quantity that is uncountable8.1.3.1Many, much8.1.2Count

cikumi muganyasinumIdiom. quantity that is uncountable8.1.3.1Many, much8.1.2Countder. ofcikumi

ehitabalihaebitabalihanuncountable thing; s.t. that can’t be counted8.1.3.1Many, much8.1.2Count

enambaenambaEnglishnnumberEnamba njʼahabonero ahatambisiwa ohulaga emiŋendo oba ehifo mu lunyiriri.A number is a symbol used to express how many or what place in a sequence.8.1.2Count8.1.1Numberenamba ekukutufuncardinal number8.1.1.1Cardinal numbers8.1.2Count8.1.1Number

ohuŋera2vadd up to, e.g., when counting a group of thingsAbaana baŋera ehumi.The children come to ten. numbers8.1.2Count

ohutabalihavbe uncountable, innumerable8.1.3.1Many, much8.1.2Count