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ehibiinaebibiinan1school class3.6.2School3.6.4Class, lesson2year of studyAsoma muhibiina ehyo hudatu.He studies in Primary III (He is in year three).8.4.1Period of time3.6.2School3.6.4Class, lesson8.4.1.6Year3classroom; room in which children learn3.6.2School6.5.2.7Room3.6.4Class, lessonehibiina hyʼobuŋuginpolitical party4.6.6.5Politics

ehiŋindi1ebiŋindin1crowd, herd, group, mass, multitude, abundance, collection; many people or domestic animals in one place.Ehiŋindi hyʼabaatu hyatiinire ohumubona olugalwaye.A group of people went to see him when he was ill.Ehiŋindi hyʼeŋombe hibitire.A herd of cattle has just passed., much8.1.7.1Extra4.2.1.7Crowd, group8.1.3.3Group of things2class; year in schoolEhiŋindi hyʼenkumi ebiri abaana babitire bulaŋi ohusinga ehyʼenkumi ebiri nʼene.(The class of) the year two thousand did better than (that of) two thousand and four.3.6.2School3.6.4Class, lesson

enuuni2enuuninchalk; moulded powder used in writing on the blackboardEnuuni jaganiwa mu masomero.Pieces of chalk are found in schools.3.6.2School3.5.7.1Write

ereegeroamaleegeronschool; place where people teach3.6.2School

esomeroesomeronschool; place built for people to learn from3.6.2School

etendeheroetendeherontraining school3.6.2School3.6Teach3.2.2Learn

olubaawoembaawon1board, plank; piece of wood prepared to be used in building or carpentry6.6.3.2Wood6.6.3.1Lumbering6.2.5.4Plant product6.5.3Building materials6.6.3Working with wood2desk; table-like structure where students sit in the classroom5.1.1.1Table3blackboard; structure constructed from wood and painted black on which writing is done with chalk when teaching3.6.2School3.5.7Reading and writing

omusomiabasominlearner; student3.6.2School3.6Teach3.2.2Learnder. ofobusomi