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cwivar.bbe cwiadvcompletely; s.t. given out is said to be exhausted when it is completely finishedŋano omwenge guli bbe cwicwicwi.Here the beer is all exhausted. something8.1.6Whole, complete6., finish8.

ehihomo2ebihomonstopping, end point; where to stopŋano njʼaŋali ehihomo hyange sisobola hweyongerayo ohutuuma ŋano.This is where i stop; I can’t proceed from here. something7.3.6.3Limit8.ŋo ehihomovdemarcate, delimit; set, mark, draw the boundaries of s.t.

enjagamoenjagamonend; place where s.t. stopsEnjagamo yʼesaala njʼehibono amiina.The end of every prayer is the word amen., pointohutaaŋo enjagamovdemarcate, delimit; set, mark, draw the boundaries of s.t.

ohubbubuhavend; come to the expected end of s.t.Omuga gwʼobule gubbubuhire.The digging of the millet plot has come to the end. something6., finish8.

ohufundihav1tie into a knotFundiha bulaŋi omugoye,embusi etesitula.Tie the knot of the rope properly so that the goat does not untie itself.Bahasi bafundiha epesa humusibiro.Women tie money in their sashes.7.5.2Join, attach8.2.7.1Tight6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.2.1Link, connect7.5.4.1Rope, string7.5.4Tie2complete; come to the end of doing s.t.Fundihira ebyuliho wuje kutumeho.Finalise what you are doing and come; I would like you to do s.t. for me.Oluhiiho lwafundihiiye esaawa ehumi.The meeting closed up at four o’clock. something6., finish8.; sew the last part of a clothKenire ohutunga ehiteteeyi hihyo, ŋahani ndi mu hufundiha.I have finished sewing your dress; now, I am just hemming it.5.3.6Parts of clothing6.6.1Working with cloth6.6.1.1Cloth8.6.6Edge4finish making a cordFundiha omugoye; obuleeŋi bwʼoguhambireho ogwo buhena.End weaving the rope; the length you have weaved is enough. something6., finish8., start maturing, said of a cropDuuma afundiha.Maize is starting to mature. in food preparation6.2.5Harvest1.5.6Growth of plants

ohufundihiravend; conclude; stopOlusoma olwo hudatu luja hufundihira hu mukaga mu gwa Namboŋa.The school third term will end on the sixth December. something6., finish8.

ohugaduhavstop rainingNasobooye ohutiina efula nigaduhire kuba nali mbula tamusiyaohutambisa mu fula.I only managed to go after the rain because I had no umbrella to use during the rain., finish8.

ohuhanda2vdo s.t. as the last resortAhandire gatiina omweene ni ŋaŋuma wundi wahutuma.He had to go himself as there was no one to send.

ohuhoma2v1limitObuvunanyiziwa wange buhoma hu hulaga ngira so sihuhuŋirayo.My responsibility is limited to showing you the way, but not to take you there.; endAmafugi gahomire.Bleeding has stopped. something6., finish8.; cause to stop8. something4. moving7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

ohuhyav1dawnAfuyeeho ni buhya.He fainted at dawn. of the day2endEfula yenda huhya eyihuja.The rain is about to end where we are going. something6., finish8.

ohuhyalavar.ohuhyaliravvisitOnahakyalire ŋaali?When will you visit me? a visit4.2.1.4Visit8. visited4.2.1.4Visit

ohuŋwavget used up, finishedOmwenge ohuŋwa amangu gubayeeho abaatu bangi abagunywoye.There were many people to drink the beer that is why it got finished quickly. something6., finish8. up9.3.2Completelyohuŋwera eralavbe completely finished8. something6., finish8.ŋwavnot complete s.t. something8.1.6Whole, complete6., finish8.
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