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obumaliadjblack, blackness, darkness; colour that does not reflect lightEhibange ehihale hiba himali nʼesiro.A pot where millet meals are prepared is black with soot.Obumali si bulwaye.Having a dark complexion is not a disease. of the spectrum8.3.3.3Color8. omumalinblack-skinned person, African; s.b. who resembles darkness4.1.9.9Race4.1.2Types of people8.

obutyoholohinstate of being very black8.3.3.2Dark8.

omuutu omumaliabaatu abamalinblack-skinned person, African; s.b. who resembles darknessEbyalo ebindi bihisosola abaatu abamali.Some countries still discriminate against black people. of people8. ofobumali