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ehigendererwaebigendererwanaim, intention, goal, motive; purpose of doing whatever one does9.6.2.7Purpose, plan3.3.1.1Purpose, goal

huadv1on, upon; s.t. being or remaining supported by or suspended fromEhitabo hiri hu meeza.The book is on the table.; indication of the place where s.t. isEmeeri jiri hu buliba.The ships are at sea.8.5Location9.5.1.6Spatial location of an event8.5.3Be at a place9.2.4Prepositions, postpositions3to, in the direction of; towards a place, person, or thing approached and reachedBagenda ohuŋwa nyumba hu nyumba ni bawulira enjiri.They move from house to house preaching the gospel. (of movement), goal7.2.3Move toward something

ohuduudavset a goal, aim for s.t.; plan on reaching or achieving s.t.Ndi mu huduuda hulima mutyere njʼoguli nʼebbeyi endaŋi hu hatale.I am aiming at growing rice that has good market price., plan3.3.1.1Purpose, goal

ohugendereravintend; aim to do s.t.Ogendereeye hi ohutaaja ohumbona?What did you intend by not coming to see me?, plan3.3.1.1Purpose, goal

ohuhengavsharpen an object so that it ends in a point8.3.2.3Sharpohwehengav1Metaphor. be cautious, prepared; make yourself ready before an assault6.1.2.6Prepare4.4.3.4Caution3.3.1.1Purpose, goal7.5.5Organize6. something for use2Metaphor. examine yourself3.2.2.3Evaluate, test6.1.2.6Prepare2.3.1.3Examine2.3.1.1Look3.2.2.1Study

omugasoemigasonuse; purposeOli nʼomugaso hi, ewe ogenda neohenaho ehyalo?What is your purpose in just wandering anywhere?, goal9.