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ebaaleamabaalen1stone, rock; hard solid material found in the ground that is used in building houses and roadsMba humanya aŋa balihusiiha nahahomireŋo ebaale.If only I knew where you will be buried I would place (plant) a stone there.Ebaale lyʼe Tororo balihamo simiti.Cement is made from a rock at Tororo.Abasomi abediimire baholoŋire abasirikale amabaale.The rioting students threw stones at the policemen. with stone1.2.2.2Rock2cleaning stoneEbaale eriŋirya amaja ritehwa hubaaho ameeno.The stone for cleaning the feet while bathing must be rough.; stone that is used in making the floor of a houseŊaasi wʼenju aŋaba amabaale ŋaba ŋagumu.The floor that is made of stones is very strong.; piece of rock used to lower the fish net into water6.4.5.3Fishing equipmentebaale etendenhard rock that is not easy to crush6.6.2.7Working with stone1.2.2.2Rock8.3.6.2Hard, firm8.3.6.3Stiff, flexible8.3.6.1Strong, brittle

ebbeeseniebbeeseniEnglishnbasin; plastic container used for bathing or washing clothes5.6.4Wash clothes5.6.2Bathe6.7.7Container

ehihuuta amaguluebihuuta amagulunfoot scrubber; s.t. used for srubbing the feet5.6.2Bathe

ehisagaatiebisagaatin1enclosure; fence round a home4.4.4.5Protect4.8.2.4Defend6.5.2.1Wall8., wall2shelter; covered sitting area built for guests at a wedding or funeral4.2.2.3Celebrate6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.1Building8.4.2.4Temporary3urinal shelter facing around a house6.5.1.5Fence, wall2.2.7Urinate, urine4bathroom shelter6.5.1.5Fence, wall6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.2.7Room5.6.2Bathe

ehisaabiroebisaabironbathroom; place where people bathe6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.2.7Room5.6.2Bathe

ehiyigoebiyigon1bathroom6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.2.7Room5.6.2Bathe2urinal; room or shelter where men urinate2.2.7Urinate, urine

ehyangu2ebyangunloofah, sponge, a climbing plant whose fibrous fruit is used as a sponge for scrubbing the body when bathingsp. Luffa cylindrica fam. Cucurbitaceae5.6.1Clean, dirty7.7.5Rub5.6.3Wash dishes7.3.7.3Spread, smear5.6.6Wipe, erase5.6.2Bathe

ehyeyogeroebyeyogeronbathroom; separate house or a temporary shed where people bathe6.5.1.2Types of houses6.5.2.7Room5.6.2Bathe


ohuhunyavscrub; rub s.t. hard with a brush and water in order to clean itHunya ehiteepe nʼamaaji agalimo saabbu owʼobuwunga ohituseho amajibbondo ago.Scrub the wall with water mixed with powdered soap to remove those blotches. equipment and maintenance7.7.5Rub5.6Cleaningohwehunyavscrub yourself in bathing5.6.2Bathe

ohuhuutavscrub, esp. when cleaning cooking utensils6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance7.7.5Rub5.6Cleaningohwehuutavscrub yourself when bathing5.6.2Bathe

ohumwosa mu hidavdouche; apply a cleansing or medicinal agent to clean a body organ or cavity.Bamwosa mu hida ni gatuluuja.She was douched after her miscarriage.

ohusaabavbathe; clean the body using waterOhusaaba omubiri esobere si hwihirisiwa.Bathing the body at the well is prohibited.5.6.2Bathe

ohwehuluhuunyavscrub yourself when bathing5.6.2Batheder. ofohuhuluhuunya

ohwehunyavscrub yourself in bathing5.6.2Batheder. ofohuhunya

ohwehuutavscrub yourself when bathing5.6.2Batheder. ofohuhuuta

ohweŋiryav1scrub yourself when bathingSisobola hweŋirya yi gongo; nja wunjede wupiryeho.I can’t scrub my back; come and assist me to do it.5.6.2Bathe2rub againstEgata lyeŋirya hu mandigaadi.The wheel is rubbing against the mud guard.7.7.5Rubder. ofohuŋirya

ohwetawaasavTaboo. wash yourself or ritually purify yourself; of a woman’s genital parts2.1.8.4Female organs4.9.5.6Religious purification5.6.2Bathe

ohweyogavclean the body with waterOneyoge ŋaali omubiri?When are you going to wash your body?5.6.2Batheder. ofohwoga

ohweyoga mu fiirivwash the hair; shampoo the hair5.4.3Care for hair5.6.2Batheder. ofohwoga

ohweyonjavclean, bathe yourself5.6Cleaning5.6.2Batheohweyoŋahovbathe and make yourself somewhat clean by splashing water scooped with the hands from a basin5.6.2Bathe

ohweyoŋahovbathe and make yourself somewhat clean by splashing water scooped with the hands from a basinNdigeyoga bulaŋi geyoŋire hweyoŋaho amaaji.She did not bathe properly; she just poured water on herself.5.6.2Batheder. ofohweyonja
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