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ebinamooluehinamoolunbeads; green or blue beads5.4.1Jewelry

ebinaaloehinaalonmetal rings made to be worn around the ankles5.3.2Women's clothing2.1.3.2Leg5.4.1Jewelry2.6.3.7Multiple births

ebyomumamiroehyomumamironnecklaces; ornaments worn around the neck5.4.1Jewelry

ebbangiriebbangiriEnglishnbangle; jewellery worn by women around their wrists5.4.1Jewelry

ehihomo1ebihomoncopper or gold metal, or an ornament made from them, like bangles and necklaces5.4.1Jewelry

ehyomumatwiebyomumatwinearring; s.t. worn on the ears for decoration2.1.1.2Ear5.4.1Jewelry

ekeekeekeekenbangle; ring of stiff plastic or metal etc. that is worn around the wrist or arm as jewellery5.4.1Jewelry

emihobyoomuhobyonlarge bangles worn by spirit mediums5.4.1Jewelry

emijereomujeren1ankle rings worn around the ankles by a bearer of twins5.3.2Women's clothing2.1.3.2Leg5.4.1Jewelry2.6.3.7Multiple births2banana fibre skirt; worn over a banana leaf tied round the waist by a mother of twins5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.5Clothes for special people2.6.3.7Multiple births

endeega2endeeganbead; coloured round piece of wood, metal or glass with a hole through which a thread is passed and is worn as jewellery5.4.1Jewelry

enguleengulencrown; headgear with precious metals and gems that is worn by kings5.4.1Jewelry5.3.4Clothes for special occasions5.3.5Clothes for special people

epetaepetanring; circular band made of precious materials worn on fingers as adornment8.3.1.6Round5.4.1Jewelryeyi mwenge gwahwa epetanIdiom. drunkard5.

esambaesambananklet; metal ankle ring worn by a woman as jewellery at marriage in the olden days. It was not to be removed from the leg5.4Adornment5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.3Traditional clothing2.1.3.2Leg5.4.1Jewelry

nalerenaleren1clothing made from stripped banana leaves that were worn by women a long time ago5.3.2Women's clothing5.3.3Traditional clothing5.3Clothing6. bananas2woman’s necklace made from stripped banana leaves5.3.2Women's clothing5.4.1Jewelry

obunyereolunyerenwaist beads; strings of beads worn by women around their waists5.4.1Jewelry

ohunegenavdecorate, adorn, beautify; make s.t. look goodOhunegena enyumba.Decorate a house.5.4.5Anoint the body8.3.8Decorated5.4Adornment5.4.2Cosmetics5.4.1Jewelry5.1.2Household decoration8.3.7.6Improve

olutembeetembennecklace or headband of leather decorated with cowry shells that is worn at ritual occasions5.4.1Jewelry