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ebitabujuleehitabujulenmixed objects; things that are disarranged from their usual order7.5.9.1Load, pile7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed8.1.3.3Group of things7.5.3Mix

emungoemungonheap; pile of thingsEmungo yʼamabale.A pile of stones., pile7.5.1Gather8.1.3.3Group of things

hitaweadvmixed together; in a mixed up conditionAbaana behaaye mu hibina hitawe.Children sat in a mixed group.Mubunyole ebiha biri hitawe.In Bunyole clans are all mixed together., pile7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed8.1.3.3Group of things7.5.3Mix

ohuboŋav1tie in a bundleBoŋaho ebibyo otiine eri lataabo.Tie up all your property and go to your father.7.5.2Join, attach6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4Tie2pack up; be ready to depart7.2.3.3Leave7.5.9.1Load, pile6.1.2.6Prepare3detain; imprison4., find guilty4.7.7.3Imprison4.7.3Break the law4.8.3.5Prisoner of warohuboŋolohav1release, untie; set free whatever was held4.4.4.4Save from trouble7.2.6.4Set free4.4.4.6Free from bondage7.5.4Tie2loosen whatever was tight8.2.7.2Loose

ohugerehavpile; heap together, one item on top of another6.8.2.6Collect7.5.9.1Load, pile7.5.1Gather8.1.3.3Group of things

ohuhoyigavheap soil for planting sweet potato vines7.5.9.1Load, pile6.2.3Plant a field

ohutemeravheap up soil for growing sweet potatoes7.5.9.1Load, pile6.2.3Plant a field