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ebitabujuleehitabujulenmixed objects; things that are disarranged from their usual order7.5.9.1Load, pile7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed8.1.3.3Group of things7.5.3Mix

ehijuluuhivar.juuleebijuluuhins.t. watery or over dilutedJuha amaaji mu mubisi gufuuhe juule.Pour water in the juice so that it turns into a dilute stuff.Obuuji bubaaye jululu.Porridge was watery. in food preparation7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix

ehiyengeebiyengensolution; mixed liquids in one containerSihiraŋi ohunywa buli hiyenge kuba ebindi biba butwa.It is not good to drink any solution because some of them are poisonous.1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix

hitaweadvmixed together; in a mixed up conditionAbaana behaaye mu hibina hitawe.Children sat in a mixed group.Mubunyole ebiha biri hitawe.In Bunyole clans are all mixed together., pile7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed8.1.3.3Group of things7.5.3Mix

ohucuuhav1convert; change from one religion to another3.2.5.1Believe4.9.7.1Religious person2turn about; move from one place to another and then return or from one condition to another and resume the original condition9.1.1.2Become, change state7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move backohucuuhacuuhavbe changeable; keep changing places or moods7.2.1.6Steady, unsteady4.3.8Change behaviorohucuuhaŋovreturn; move back7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move backohucuusav1reform; make s.t. change9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.9.7Religious organization7.3Move something7.3.3.2Return something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn4.3.8Change behavior7.2Move8.3.7.6Improve7.3.2Move something in a direction2cause s.t. to turn; move s.t. from its original place7.3Move something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn3stir5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation7.5.3Mixohucuusa amambalirevchange clothes; change the way of dressing9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something5.3.9Style of clothing4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improveohucuusa ekolavchange plans, make changes to what you were going to do9.1.1.2Become, change state9.1.2.6Change something3.2.5.8Change your mindohucuusa episavreform; change behaviour8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improve3.2.2.6Realizeohucuusacuusavmix up, rearrange, disorganise8.4.5.1Order, sequence7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.4.2Tangle7.5Arrange4.3.6.3Untidy7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed7.5.3Mixohutacuuhavbe steady4.3.6Self-controlled3., unsteady

ohucuusacuusavmix up, rearrange, disorganiseEtebe bajicusacusise hwaŋira ehimanga ko hwazuula aŋʼohwihala mu muholo ye bigezo.The seats were changed as a result we took some time to find where to sit in the examination hall., sequence7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.4.2Tangle7.5Arrange4.3.6.3Untidy7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed7.5.3Mixder. ofohucuuha

ohudumbaana1v1meet and mix, of water in riversAmaaji ga Manafa nʼaga Nakwasi gadumbaanira e Buŋaaji.River Manafa water and that of Nakwasi mix at Buŋaaji. of water7.5.3Mix2floodOlwabi ludumbeene.The river is in spate. of water1.3.2.1Flow8.5.4.2Occupy an area1.3.2.6Tide7.5.9.2Fill, coverohudumbaaniavmix5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix

ohudumbuulav1roil, agitate; stir up water so that dirt or particles remain in suspensionEgulo amaaji gʼesobere sigadaŋiha kuba baba bagadumbuuye.It is not possible to draw water from the well in the evening because by then it is stirred up.Gasajire ecupa ngʼomwenge gudumbuuha.He churned up the banana beer in the bottle and the dregs made it murky.1.3.6Water quality1.3.2.1Flow1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix2mix upAdumbuuye ebihubaaye ni hutehateehire.He has mixed up whatever we had arranged.

ohufuga2vstir, mix; mingle s.t. quite stiff, such as millet or maize flourOhufuga obusima.To stir millet porridge. in food preparation1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix

ohuhulungusavmingle millet quickly; prepare a quick millet meal5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation7.5.3Mix

ohuhuyugavar.ohuhuyugamovstir food with a mingling stick or spoonHuyugirisa mu buuji butesiira.Keep stirring so that the porridge does not get burnt. in food preparation7.5.3Mix

ohujuululusavdilute; make a solution very wateryOtajululusa maaji mu busera bwʼomwana.Don’t put a lot of water in the baby’s porridge. in food preparation7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed1.3.5Solutions of water7.5.3Mix

ohumigav1press down7.7.4Press7.3.2.9Push2kneadOmuhasi amiga ebiryo.The woman is kneading food. in food preparation7.5.3Mix3squeeze outGamumigiremo enyende.He squeezed out the maggot from him.7.7.4Press8., wring7.3.2.9Push7.3.2.7Take something out of something4strangle2.6.6.1Kill
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