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ehifaagayoebifaagayoncotton reel; reel of threads or a rope wound around s.t. with cloth7.5.4.1Rope, string

ohubotolavar.ohubotonganiav1cause a thread-like thing to get mixed up so that it is not easy to undo8., wring7.5.4.2Tangle2wring; handle s.t. and twist it8., wring5.6.4Wash clothes3roll up s.t., wring7.3.5Turn something8. up

ohucuuhav1convert; change from one religion to another3.2.5.1Believe4.9.7.1Religious person2turn about; move from one place to another and then return or from one condition to another and resume the original condition9.1.1.2Become, change state7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move backohucuuhacuuhavbe changeable; keep changing places or moods7.2.1.6Steady, unsteady4.3.8Change behaviorohucuuhaŋovreturn; move back7.2.3.6Return7.2.2.2Move backohucuusav1reform; make s.t. change9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.9.7Religious organization7.3Move something7.3.3.2Return something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn4.3.8Change behavior7.2Move8.3.7.6Improve7.3.2Move something in a direction2cause s.t. to turn; move s.t. from its original place7.3Move something7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.6Turn3stir5.2.1.2Steps in food preparation7.5.3Mixohucuusa amambalirevchange clothes; change the way of dressing9.1.1.2Become, change state8. something5.3.9Style of clothing4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improveohucuusa ekolavchange plans, make changes to what you were going to do9.1.1.2Become, change state9.1.2.6Change something3.2.5.8Change your mindohucuusa episavreform; change behaviour8. something4.8.4.6Repent4.3.8Change behavior8.3.7.6Improve3.2.2.6Realizeohucuusacuusavmix up, rearrange, disorganise8.4.5.1Order, sequence7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.4.2Tangle7.5Arrange4.3.6.3Untidy7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed7.5.3Mixohutacuuhavbe steady4.3.6Self-controlled3., unsteady

ohucuusacuusavmix up, rearrange, disorganiseEtebe bajicusacusise hwaŋira ehimanga ko hwazuula aŋʼohwihala mu muholo ye bigezo.The seats were changed as a result we took some time to find where to sit in the examination hall., sequence7.5.5.1Disorganized7.5.4.2Tangle7.5Arrange4.3.6.3Untidy7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed7.5.3Mixder. ofohucuuha

ohudigadiganiavtangle; fold s.t. several times without any due care8., wring7.5.4.2Tangle8. up

ohutabuluhavbecome disentangled7.5.4.2Tangle

ohutegululavdisentangle, e.g., loosen a trap7.5.4.2Tangle
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