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ebobeebobensnot, mucus; slimy liquid that flows from the noseOnalwala seseeba ebobe litula lingi mu suulu.A lot of snot is released from the nose when one has a cold.2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Noseohulerenguha ebobevMetaphor. have a runny nose where the mucus flows2.5.6.2Fever2.2.4Mucus2.5.2Disease

ehiholondoebiholondonphlegm, mucus; slimy liquid that s.b. spits from the lungsOmuutu alwaye ahafuba gahali nga safuuja buli ŋaatu ebiholondo.S.b. suffering from tuberculosis should not spit phlegm anywhere.2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.3Spit, saliva

ehiŋanduebiŋandun1crust of millet that sticks on the cooking pot when mingling8.1.7.4Remain, remainder5.2.3.4Prepared food2dry nasal mucus in the noseTusa ebiŋandu musulu.Remove the dried mucus from your nostrils.2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose3scab; part of the skin that covers a healing wound2.5.1.1Recover from sickness2.5.2.2Skin disease2.2.5Bleed, blood2.1.4Skin

ehitambaalaebitambaalan1handkerchief; small piece of cloth for holding in the hands2.2.4Mucus2scarf; piece of cloth tied over the head7.3.7.2Wrap5.3.2Women's clothingehitambaala hyohumeezantablecloth; piece of cloth for covering a table5.1.2Household decoration6.6.1.1Cloth5.1.1.1Table

ohulerenguha ebobevMetaphor. have a runny nose where the mucus flowsSeseeba agira omuutu galerenguha ebobe.A cold makes one have a running nose. ofebobe

ohumisyavblow the nose removing some other person’s mucusOsobola ohumisya esuulu eyiyo oba omisya esuulu eyʼomuutu owundi.You can blow your own nose or some other person’s nose. air2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.2.1Breathe, breath2.5.6Symptom of diseaseohwemisyavblow your nose1.1.2.1Blow air2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.2.1Breathe, breath2.5.6Symptom of disease

ohuŋodaŋodanavbe full of mucus and have it smeared all over the face as happens with childrenOmwana adoŋadoŋeene ebobe.There is mucus all over the baby’s face.

ohwemisyavblow your noseOteguŋa; yemisye ebobe eryo.Don’t sniff; blow out that mucus. air2.2.4Mucus2.1.1.3Nose2.2.2Cough, sneeze2.2.1Breathe, breath2.5.6Symptom of diseaseder. ofohumisya