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ebuguebugunHammer-headed Bat; small rat-like animal that can fly and which feeds on fruitsp. Hypsignathus monstrosus fam. Pteropodidae1.

erenyaamalenyanStraw-coloured fruit bat that is 21 cm long and weighs about 300 g and feeds on fruitAmalenya gatera huba mu hifo hirala mu muusi aŋa gaŋweranga koni gaja ohwendula ebibala owiire.Straw-coloured fruit birds usually congregate in one place from where they start going to hunt for fruits at night.sp. Eidolon helvum fam. Pteropodidae1.

nawangudinawangudinYellow-winged fruit bat that measures up to 8 cm long that has no tailsp. Lavia frons fam. Megadermatidae1.

pundopundopundopundonAfrican Yellow House bat; mouse-like nocturnal animal with wings for flyingsp. Scotophilus dinganii fam. Megadermatidae1.