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ebuteamabutenboil, abscess; painful swelling of a part of the body that contains pus2.5.2.2Skin diseaseohuba bute butevIdiom. be watchful4.4.4.5Protect3.1.2.1Alert2.3.1.2Watchohuhubba ebutevoperate on a boil2.5.7Treat disease

ni mwetegeinterj‘be attentive’ ‘listen here’ command requesting people to pay attention given to two or more people2.3.2.1Listen3.1.2.3Attention9.6.3.3Prompters of attention

obubalagafu1n1lucidity; state of being clear-mindedNje agaalihoŋo omubalagafu ohuloma nʼabahwe.He the only clear minded person to talk with the in-laws.; state of being attentiveAli nʼobubalagafu ohuhola buli ehi wamwe genda.She is so attentive that she does whatever her husband wants.; state of being in good healthNjoola mubalagafu; saalagaho obubonero bwʼobulwaye bwosibwosi.She is healthy; she shows no sign of sickness.2.4.3Energetic2.5Healthy

ohubalirirav1pay with an intention of spending the bare minimumOli nʼohutambisa ebbesa ejʼoli ni najo nʼobalirira, jihuheneseho omwesi.You have to spend the money you have thriftily; it should take you up to the end of the month. while taking into account of the consequences of whatever is being doneOhubba omuhasi aye oli nʼohubalirira ebinaŋwemo; banahuboŋe.You are beating your wife but be aware of what will follow; you will be apprehended.

ohufaayovcare; be interested in s.t. to learn3.4.1.4Interestedohuba wʼebyafaayovbe noteworthy, interesting; be s.b. with an eventful life history3.4.1.4Interestedohutafaayovbe disinterested3., bored3.

ohuŋuliirisavpay attentionYihala oŋuliirise.Sit and pay attention.

ohutegeeresavlisten to s.t. very attentively, showing concernJa wetegerese ehi baloma konyo osaleŋo ehyʼohuhola.Go and listen attentively, then decide what to do. s.b. to determine the truth2.3.1.3Examine4.7.5.5Witness, testify

ohuteja1vnot sleep, have insomnia; keep awake for most of the time at night5.7.3Wake up3. amatejavintentionally stay awake all night5.7.3Wake up3.

ohwalavprepare a bed for sleeping in it5.1.1.3Bedohwala amasanjav1prepare a bed using dry banana leaves5.1.1.3Bed2Idiom. keep vigil2.6.6.3Funeral3.1.2.1Alertohwaliisavmake s.t. or s.b. lie down7.1.3Lie down2.4.5Rest5.7.1Go to sleep5.7Sleepohwalula2vput away bedding after sleeping on it5.1.1.3Bedohweyalavlie down prostrate; down flat7.1.3Lie down

ohwala amasanjav1prepare a bed using dry banana leaves5.1.1.3Bed2Idiom. keep vigil2.6.6.3Funeral3.1.2.1Alertder. ofohwala

ohwala olumbevIdiom. keep vigil3.1.2.1Alertder. ofolumbe

olumbeenyimben1illness; disease2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2funeral2.6.6.3Funeral2.6.6.5Buryohuŋambya olumbevinfect with a disease; transmit sickness2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2.5.5Cause of diseaseohwabya olumbevIdiom. perform the last funeral rite. This is the final ceremony for burying a dead person. It is done after weeks, months or years. olumbevIdiom. keep vigil3.1.2.1Alertolumbe lwʼobuhwedindisease that is sexually transmitted2.5.1Sick2.6.2.3Sexual immorality2.5.2Diseaseolumbe lwomuhidanstomach illness2.5.2.3Stomach illness

omulangaasaabalangaasansober person; s.b. not intoxicated by drinking alcohol4.2.8.1Serious4.3.6Self-controlled5.

omutebusiabatebusinalert personSynowʼemoni3.1.2.1Alert

omwesimbuabesimbuns.b. who is clear minded, lucid and easy to understand3.2.1.3Intelligent3.1.2.1Alert

owʼemoniabʼemoninalert personSynomutebusi3.1.2.1Alert