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ebuteamabutenboil, abscess; painful swelling of a part of the body that contains pus2.5.2.2Skin diseaseohuba bute butevIdiom. be watchful4.4.4.5Protect3.1.2.1Alert2.3.1.2Watchohuhubba ebutevoperate on a boil2.5.7Treat disease

ohubonavsee; perceive s.t. using the eyesEmbeba jisobola ohubona nʼobwire.Rats can even see at night. birimbwerimbwevsee dimly or poorly2.3.1See2.5.4.1Blindohubona ohwomu hidavscan; read data from a computerized device to learn about the inside parts of the body2.5.7Treat diseaseohubonamovSee s.b. privately with an intention to pay a bribe6.8.9.5Bribeohubonanavsee each other2.3.1See4.1.3.1Meet for the first time4.2.1.3Meet togetherohuboniav1make visible; cause s.t. to be seen2.3.1.4Show, let someone see2.3.1.5Visible2. at in a loving way2.3.1See2.3.1.1Look2.3.1.2Watchohweboneravsee for yourself; witness for yourself2.3.1See4.7.5.5Witness, testify

ohuboniav1make visible; cause s.t. to be seenEhiswa hibonia.The termites of the anthill are causing the outlets to be seen; the termites are opening the outlets for the white ants to swarm., let someone see2.3.1.5Visible2. at in a loving way2.3.1See2.3.1.1Look2.3.1.2Watchder. ofohubona

ohulengeravlook at; watch; viewGalengeeye hu mufu gatandiha ohulira.She looked at the corpse and started wailing.Nengeeye ni beeta etemu.I have watched them kill the snake.2.3.1See2.3.1.1Look2.3.1.2Watchohulengereravlook at for some time2.3.1See2.3.1.1Look2.3.1.2Watchohulengeesavpeep; look through a small hole, or around a corner, or over a wall, so as not to be seen2.3.1.1Look

ohulengereravlook at for some timeLengerera obone ndolu babaaga embusi.Look and see how they flay a goat.2.3.1See2.3.1.1Look2.3.1.2Watchder. ofohulengera

ohuteja1vnot sleep, have insomnia; keep awake for most of the time at night5.7.3Wake up3. amatejavintentionally stay awake all night5.7.3Wake up3.