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ehifugaebifuganany musical instrument that produces sound4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3Music4.2.3.2Play musicehifuga ehihubbonmusical percussion instrument4.2.3.2Play music4.2.3.5Musical instrument

ehihubbaebihubbanmusical instrument esp. those struck to produce sound like the drum, xylophone etc. music

ehihubboebihubbonpercussion musical instrument, e.g., a xylophone4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3Music4.2.3.2Play music

ekokoloekokolonpercussion musical instrument made of a piece of wood that is stepped on with both feet and hit rhythmically with two sticks4.2.3.4Musician4.2.3Music4.2.3.2Play music

ohunyanyagisa olwembovproduce melodious sound, e.g., by singing, playing or putting on the radio etc. music3.5.9.5Recorded music4.2.3.1Compose music4.2.3.3Singder. ofolwembo