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edembenpeace; state of being peacefulAbamaŋe mbabahuuma edembe.The army are the ones who guard the peace.4.8.4Peace3. to do what you wantohuteeba emirembevIdiom. be at peace4.8.4Peace3.

eduulieduulinabundance; things are in abundance when they are very many8.1.3.1Many, much8.1.7.1Extra4.4.1Prosperity

ehibalaebibalaLugandan1fruit; usually sweet-tasting part of a tree or shrub that holds seeds that can be eaten5. from fruit1.5.5Parts of a plant2Metaphor. s.t. pleasant or the successful results of work or actions3.4.1.2Happy4.4.1Prosperity

ekabi1nluck, chance, good fortune; force that causes things to happen by chance not through own effortNdi nʼekabi ohusuna omuhasi.I had the good fortune to get a wife. good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperityohusuna ekabivIdiom. be fortunate; getting what you expect or have ordered to be done4.9.4.3Bless4.3.4Do good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperity

emaaliemaalin1dowry, bride wealth; items paid by s.b. marrying a wifeEfe Abanyole huhwa emaali nyingi.We Banyole give (lit: marry with) plenty of bride wealth. a marriage2.6.1Marriage2riches, wealth; valuable assets that s.b. owns6.8.1.5Possession, property6.8.2Accumulate wealth4.4.1Prosperity6.8.1.2Rich6.8.1Have wealth

emikisaomukisanluck, blessing; force that causes things to happen to you by chance or as a result of your asking4.9.4.3Bless4.3.4Do good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperity

obugaaganriches, wealth; assets that make s.b. richObugaaga bwa Uganda bulimo amafuta ezaabbu ko nʼebirime ebitaniwa.The assets making the riches of Uganda include oil, gold and cash crops., property6.8.2Accumulate wealth4.4.1Prosperity6.8.1.2Rich6.8.1Have wealthebyʼobugaga ebyomwirobanminerals; articles of wealth obtained from under the ground6.6.2Working with minerals1.2.2.4Mineralohuyaba ebyʼobugaagavmine; extract minerals from underground6.6.6Working with land6.6.2Working with minerals1.2.1.5Underground6.6.2.1Mining7.8.6Dig

obusuninriches, wealth; valuable assets from personal effort that belong to s.b., property6.8.2Accumulate wealth4.4.1Prosperity6.8.1.2Rich6.8.1Have wealth

ohubbiraganavabound; be plentifulOyo gasaaye abaana abaŋeraho ko nʼabababojo babe, bosibosi babbirageene ŋango.That one gave birth to several children and there are her brothers’ children too, all these abound in her home., much8.1.7.1Extra4.4.1Prosperity

ohusuna ekabivIdiom. be fortunate; getting what you expect or have ordered to be done4.9.4.3Bless4.3.4Do good to6.1.3.4Advantage4.4.5.1Lucky6.1.2.9Opportunity4.4.5Chance4.4.1Prosperityder. ofekabi1

ohwandagalanavteem; have s.t. in plentiful numbers or quantity8.1.3.1Many, much8.1.7.1Extra4.4.1Prosperity
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