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abaŋalalawaŋalalancommunity; people of the same community4.1.4Neighbor4.6.7.4Community

abʼebeere eralaabʼebeere eralalanIdiom. sibling, brother, sister; people who were born from the same mother and sucked the same breastTutyo ni Juliana ba ebeere erala; bombi nyinaawe nje Florence.Both Tutilo and Juliana are of the same mother; she is Florence., sister


adembeereyevar.odembereyeabadembeereyen1poised person; s.b. who is about to do s.t. who is ready to act6.1.2.6Prepare7. about to die2.6.6Die

adubuudaabadubuudanextravagent person6.8.3.2Generous6.8.4.7Spendder. ofohudubuuda

afakedoafakedoEnglishnAvocado; tree bearing green or purple fruits with edible green flesh surrounding large seeds that is usually used as dessertOfakedo sanyunyuula hyʼebibala ebindi.Avocado pears are not as sweet as most fruit.sp. Persea americana fam. Lauraceae1.5.1Tree5. from seeds5. from fruit

afugiiriravar.ofugiiriraabafugiiriranbeliever; s.b. who believes in s.t. or s.b. person

afuuŋira ebyayovar.ofuuŋira ebyayoabafuuŋira ebyayonanimal sprayer; s.b. who sprays animals with drugs6.3.8Veterinary science6.4.6Things done to animals

agaŋunyaoguŋunyansmelly things that exude foul airAmeeno oba amadosi gaŋunya bubi.The teeth that are smelly or the mud that is smelly.2.3.4Smell