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ebyʼohutambisaehyʼohutambisanmaterials; things that can be usedBapaaye ebyʼohutambisa omubaaye engeso esefuriya omufariso nʼebindi.They have given me things to use, among which were a knife, a saucepan, a mattress and other things.8.3.6Made of, material9.1.3.1Physical, non-physical1.2.2Substance, matter

ehiŋuma bulamuebiŋuma bulamuninanimate, non-living thing; s.t. that exists but has no life1.4.1Dead things9.1.3.1Physical, non-physical1.2.2Substance, matterder. ofobulamu

ehiituebiitunthing; situation, an action, or an object that is not exactly known or statedEbiitu bibyo biri hu meeza.Your things are on the table.9.1.3Thing9.1.3.1Physical, non-physical9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns1.2.2Substance, matterohuba nʼehiituvhave s.t.7.4Have, be with6.8.1.1Own, possess9.1.1.3Have, ofohutaba nʼehiituvhave nothing8.1.5.2None, nothing9.2.3.2Indefinite pronouns7.4.6Not have