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ebyʼohwejalabihisyahoehyʼohwejalabihisyahonluxuries; pleasant things that are not necessities of life2.3.5.1Comfortable8.1.7.3Need

ohutereerav1be or go straight7.2.2Move in a direction8.3.1.3Straight2be settle, at peaceMbojo yange atereeye mu bufumbo wuwe.My sister is settled in her marriage.4.8.4Peace2.3.5.1Comfortable3. steady4.3.6Self-controlled3., unsteady

ohuteehav1settle, of sediment at the bottom of waterEfuuhe linaba mu maaji liŋira ehiseera hireeŋi ko gateeha.It takes a long time for dust in water to settle.1.3.6Water quality7.5.3.1Pure, unmixed2become calm, of water, e.g., on a lakeEnyanja yitehire.The lake is calm., rough3Metaphor. arrange for the ‘omweso’ game to begin8.4.4.1Plan a time4. an event6. something for use4Metaphor. be settled in mindTeehire omwoyo kuba manyire ti egaali namu enatwose.I am settled because I know that the sound bicycle will make us arrive safely.4.8.4Peace2.3.5.1Comfortable3.4.1Feel good3. something7.5.5Organize