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ebbanjaamabanjaLugandandebt; state of owing people s.t.Ndi nʼamabbanja gʼabaatu bangi.I have the debts of many people. debt6.8.5Borrow6.8.5.3Owe6.8.5.5Credit

egobiamagobindebt; s.t. esp. money that s.b. has to repay6.8.5.4Repay debt6.8.5Borrow6.8.5.3Owe6.8.5.5Credit

lubbuunilubbuunindeposit, down payment; first instalment paid of an agreed price for s.t.

ohugobohesavreturn s.t. or to assist and return s.t. for s.b. else7.3.3.2Return somethingohugobohesahovpay interest6.8.4.5Pay6.8.5.5Credit