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ebbongoamabbongon1gap; space among things, where one is missingGabayeŋo ebbongo niryasamiriye mu biŋamba.There was an open gap between the potato heaps., space2gap in the jaw where a tooth is missing2.5.2.4Tooth decay5.4.4Care for the teeth2.1.1.5Tooth

ejeheroamajeheronincisor; one of the front teeth that are used for biting and cuttingAmajehero gange gosi gosi gabulunguhire ninaguye hu gali.All my incisors broke when I fell off the bicycle. decay2.1.1.5Tooth

ekooleekoolengap in the mouth where teeth have been removed as a cultural norm5.4.6Ritual scar2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Tooth

embulu2ngingivitis; disease affecting gums2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.5.2Disease

epanyaepanyantooth gap; natural tooth gap in the upper teeth2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Tooth

eriinoameenon1tooth; one of the bones that bite and chew food in the mouthAmeeno gaŋira ehiseera hireeŋi ko gabola omuutu anafa.Teeth take a very long time to rot after death.; disease affecting the teeth2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Toothohweta mu meeno ganasaŋavIdiom. endanger yourself4.4.4.8Risk

ohubolavrot, decay, decompose; become bad of a living thing so that it stinksOmulambo gwʼomwibi eyibetire gwaboleeye aŋo; sibagusihire.The body of the murdered thief decomposed at the spot where he died; it was not buried.1.4.1Dead things8.3.7.8Decayohubola ameenovhave unbrushed smelly teeth2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Tooth

ohubola ameenovhave unbrushed smelly teeth2.5.2.4Tooth decay2.1.1.5Toothder. ofohubola

ohwehongolavloose a tooth; usually milk teeth in children2.5.2.4Tooth decay5.4.4Care for the teeth2.1.1.5Toothder. ofohuhongola2