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ebbooniamabbooninsweet potato; root of the potato vine that is used as foodsp. Ipomea batatas fam. Convolvulaceae5. from roots1.5.3Grass, herb, vine6. potatoesohugera agabboonivIdiom. make mocking gestures using the fingers3.5.1.8Criticize4.5.5.2Lack respect3.

ohubuulav1gossip, tattle on; engage in idle talk, telling other people’s secrets3. talk2read loudly3.5.7.3Read3solve a riddle3.5.4.3Riddle3.5.4.6Verbal tradition4.2.8Humor4reveal actions ofAbuuye mugandaawe agebire omutyere.He has revealed his brother who stole the rice., unknown3., preach; deliver a sermon3.5.2Make speech3.6.1Show, explain3.6Teach3.5.1Sayohubuulirirav1sensitise, inform; make s.b. aware of s.t., unknown3.5.3.2Information3.5.9Mass communication3.5.2.2News, message2give advice, counsel; convince two people to cooperate3.3.3.7Warn3.3.3.2Advise3.3.3.1Suggest4.8.4.2Make an appeal3.3.3.3Persuade4.7.4.1Legal personnelohwebuulavown up, acknowledge; tell people that you are personally responsible for s.t.

ohuduhiriravcriticise, humiliate, insult over and over; repeat speaking in an abusing language for several times3. ofohuduha

ohuhabuhavbark or shout at s.b. to chastise or blame4.8.4.1Rebuke3.

ohuhiinavar.ohuhuuniahuuniav1flatter; attribute s.b. with qualities or values he does not haveOhupaaha omuutu oti mulaŋi ate wenda ahwigerese huupi ni naye ko wa hamwiba.Telling s.b. that he is very good so that he becomes familiar with you to enable you to steal from him.ŋiiniaŋiiniav1tantalise; tease by giving s.t. and then snatching it back or by promising s.t. that cannot be fulfilled4.3.5.6Hypocrite3.3Want3. s.b. with contempt4.3.2.1Despise someone4.5.5.2Lack respect4.3.7.1Impolite

ohuhondyolavlook askance at s.b.; view with suspicion or disapprovalWanjala ahandyola buli amusinga obugaaga.Wanjala looks askance at anyone richer than he is. expression3.4.2Feel bad3.4.2.1Sad4.7.5.2Suspect3. of something3.5.1.8Criticize

ohujejeresavmimic, imitate with mockery and derision; repeat what s.b. has said in a despising manner8.3.5.5Imitate3.5.1.8Criticize3.