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ebbulaasiebbulaasiEnglishnbrush; tool usually made of wood with short hair structures that is used for scrubbing, painting houses or tidying the hair6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance6.6.5.1Draw, paint5.6Cleaning5.1Household equipment5.4.4Care for the teeth5.6.5Sweep, rake5.4.3.1Comb hair

ehitambisiwa mu huhosiira enjuebitambisiwa mu huhosiira enjunhousehold tool; item needed to maintain a houseEbitiiyo, emiiko, ko nʼembago njeebirala ebitambisiwa mu huhosira enju.Spades, trowels and hoes are some of the tools. equipment and maintenance6.7Toolder. ofehitambisiwa

engoolo2engoolon1thresher; flail for millet or for ramming the floor of a newly made houseEngoolo yanguŋia ohuhubba obule ohusinga ohuŋuula.Threshing millet with a flail is faster than pounding it in a mortar.6.2.8Agricultural tool6.2.6.3Thresh6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance5. in mortar and pestle2club; shaped stick with a thick butt used in fighting6.7.2Pounding tool4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot

ohugobosav1return s.t. something2repay a debt; reimburse6.8.5.4Repay debt3regain consciousness after faintingOmulwaye agobohiise.The sick person has regained consciousness. consciousness4owibbuha wajaho omubiri8.2.3.2Fat person5renew; make s.t. become new7.9.4Repair6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance8. ofohugobola

ohuhunyavscrub; rub s.t. hard with a brush and water in order to clean itHunya ehiteepe nʼamaaji agalimo saabbu owʼobuwunga ohituseho amajibbondo ago.Scrub the wall with water mixed with powdered soap to remove those blotches. equipment and maintenance7.7.5Rub5.6Cleaningohwehunyavscrub yourself in bathing5.6.2Bathe

ohuhuutavscrub, esp. when cleaning cooking utensils6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance7.7.5Rub5.6Cleaningohwehuutavscrub yourself when bathing5.6.2Bathe