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ebbulaasiebbulaasiEnglishnbrush; tool usually made of wood with short hair structures that is used for scrubbing, painting houses or tidying the hair6.5.3.1Building equipment and maintenance6.6.5.1Draw, paint5.6Cleaning5.1Household equipment5.4.4Care for the teeth5.6.5Sweep, rake5.4.3.1Comb hair

ehihandulaebihandulanrake; tool with a line of teeth-like structures and a long handle, that is used for collecting leaves6.2.8Agricultural tool5.6.5Sweep, rake

ohuhadulavar.ohuhandulav1harrow, rake a field, removing weeds6.2.2.2Plow a field6.2.2.1Clear a field6.2.4.2Uproot plants5.6.5Sweep, rake2remove things when searching for s.t.7.6.1Search

ohusimuulav1wipe, mop, swab, rub off; remove moisture or dust from a surface by wipingSimuula omwana gahabalagala.Wipe the baby to dry him.Wesimuuleeho oluuya mu moni.Mop the sweat from your face.Wesimuuleeho amasiga.Wipe your tears.5.6.1Clean, dirty7.7.5Rub5.8Manage a house7.3.7.3Spread, smear5.6.6Wipe, erase5.6.5Sweep, rake2Metaphor. remove sorcery5. shell, skin6.2.6Process harvest4.9.4.1Sorcery