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ecepeecepenstripe; short band or one of a number sewn on a uniform, to denote military or police rank or to show good conduct of the person wearing it4.6.6.1Police5.3.5Clothes for special people4.

ehisolooboyaebisolooboyan1heroEbisolooboya byʼabaatu biri eweefe.The heroes are at our place.3.2.3Know3.2.1.3Intelligent6.1.8Experienced4.4.3.1Brave4.3.2Admire someone6.1.1.1Expert2warrior4.4.3.1Brave4.

ohwemera3v1guard very jealouslyGemeeye abahaana babe bataja mu mahina.He has jealously kept his daughters so that they would not go to the dance. care of something5.8Manage a house7.4.5Keep something4., restrict, limit; guard very keenly, leaving no room for doing anything elseOmusibe bamwemeeye humwemera.The prisoner was kept and watched over full time. of war7.3.6.3Limit3.3.4.4Prevent7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

omukeyaalaabakeyaalansoldier who fought in the King’s African Rifles (KAR)

owʼoluhobaabʼoluhobanofficer with rank4.6.6.1Police4.