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efayiro1efayiroEnglishnfile, folder; container of papers, letters and other documents kept in an ordered way, esp. in an office3.5.3.2Information3.5.7.2Written material6.9Business organization

ehibanda2ebibandan1factory; building in which things are manufacturedEhibanda hyʼeNalukolongo hitusa amagaali cikumi buli mwesi.The factory at Nalukolongo makes a hundred bicycles per month.6.5.1Building6.9Business organization2shed where the making of bricks is carried out6.6.2.7Working with stone6.6.2.8Working with bricks6.6.2.4Working with clay6.5.3Building materials6.5Working with buildings

ehitebe ehihuluebitebe ebihulunheadquarters, office, supreme seat; place in which the administrative power of an organisation is centred4.6.6Government functions4.6.1.2Government official4.6Government4.6.1Ruler6.5.1Building6.9Business organization

ekoleroamakoleronfactory; building where goods are manufactured by collective production6.5.1Building6.9Business organizationekolero lya petololinpetroleum industry6.6.2.6Working with oil and gas6.6.2.9Working with chemicals5.5.6Fuel

ohusubuulavtrade, barter; do businessOhusubuula hudulinga.Trading is deception., trade6.9.3Marketing6.9.4Commerce6.9Business organization

omutaniabataninseller; advertiser; traderAbatani bo mu katale batambisa emizindaalo ni balangirira amatano gaawe.The sellers advertising in the marketplace use loud speakers when announcing the prices of their goods. organization