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efaaniefaanin1appearance, resemblance; the way s.t. looksCanice gaŋirire efaani ya semwana.Canice resembles her father.8.3.1Shape2.3.1.8Appearance9., model8States8., similar2colour; that shows the appearance of s.t. of the spectrum8.3.3.3Color

ehibagobereraebibagobereranmodel, example; s.t. desired and followed by peopleEhibagoberera ŋano njʼehyalo hyawe ohusinga mu byʼobuŋoono mu saza lyosilyosi.What they desire is their village to be the neatest in the whole county., model

ehyʼohubonerahoebyʼohubonerahonexample, pattern, model; s.t. to learn from8.3.5.4Pattern, model