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efuluefulunfish sp.; fresh water fish with a forked tail fin and a small hump near the tailsp. Alestes1.6.1.5Fish

eheehencharacteristic smell of fish1.6.1.5Fish2.3.4Smell

ehibbiiryo hyʼenyeeniebibbiiryo byʼenyeeninshoal; group of fish1.6.1.5Fish1.6.6Animal groupder. ofehibbiiryo

ehiganyeebiganyenimmature fishNutoga ebiganye ebyereere hitegeesa hiiti mu myaha ejomumoni siŋalibanyeni.If you catch only immature fish it means that in future there will be no more fish.

ekonyeekonyenfresh water fish with a ventral fin stretching from the thorax to its vented tail fin. It has three barbs at its mouthsp. Schilbe1.6.1.5Fish

ekungaekunganEel; thin longish fish with long ventral and dorsal finssp. Anguilla1.6.1.5Fish

emaleemalenfish with four barbs at the mouth with long ventral and dorsal fins The other three fins are very small1.6.1.5Fish

embuyanfish dried using sunshine1.6.1.5Fish

emonyeemonyenmudfish; fish that hibernates in mud underground during the dry seasonsp. Protopterus1.6.1.5Fish

endulagaendulaganfish with five uniform sized fins, a longish snout, and a long tail ending in a forked tail finsp. Luciolates1.6.1.5Fish

engegeengegenTilapia; fish that is common with large fins that have conspicuous barbssp. Tilapia1.6.1.5Fish

enyeenienyeeninfish; aquatic animal without legs that uses fins for swimming that breathes by taking oxygen from the water1.6.1.5Fishoguyeeni ogwʼameenonhuge fish with teeth1.6.1.6Shark, ray1.6.1.5Fish

epuutaepuutanNile Perch; biggest fish that eats other smaller fish. It was introduced into Lake Victoria in recent yearssp. Nile Perch1.6.5Animal home1.6.1.5Fish7.1.2Sit

esemenyeesemenyenSynodontis; fish with a uniform body from head to the tail that ends in a forked fin. It has also eight whisker-like structures at the mouthsp. Clarotes1.6.1.5Fish

esoloesolonanimal; living creature that moves, reproduces, hears, feeds, feels, sees and respiresEbisolo bitiina bihendeera olwʼohulima esugu.The number of wild animals is dwindling because of cultivating their bush. of animals1.6Animalehisolo ehyomwisugunwild animal1.6.1Types of animalsesolo eyaŋangondomesticated animal6.3.1Domesticated animalesolo eyitaba nʼehitaninmarsupial, mammal of which the female has a pouch containing teats where the young are fed and carried1. eyomubulibanwater animal; animal that lives in an expanse of water1.6.1.5Fish1. mammalesolo eyomumaaji nʼohubwomunamphibian; animal that lives partly in water1.6.1Types of animals1.6.1.4Amphibianesolo eyookesanmammal; animal that has mammary glands to suckle their young1.6.1.1Mammal

esolo eyomubulibaesolo ejomubulibanwater animal; animal that lives in an expanse of waterLukwata ndala hu solo jo mu buliba.A whale is one of the animals that live in large expanses of water. mammalder. ofesolo

golongotogolongotonfish resembling the tilapia, but with shorter finssp. Micropterus1.6.1.5Fish

kasulukasulunfish with a pointed mouthsp. Mormyrus1.6.1.5Fish

kisinjakisinjanfish with short barbs at the mouth that resembles ‘barilius’ fish1.6.1.5Fish

kumbi muhyalakumbi muhyalanfish with a rounded up tail fin that is not forkedsp. Aplocheilicthys1.6.1.5Fish

malindamalindanfreshwater fish with large eyes and a dorsal fin stretching from near the head to the tailsp. Haplochromis1.6.1.5Fish

namahyolonamahyolonlongish fish that resembles a lizardsp. Limnothrissa1.6.1.5Fish

ninguningunfish with a small body resembling an alestes1.6.1.5Fish

oguyeeni ogwʼameenoagayeeni agʼameenonhuge fish with teeth1.6.1.6Shark, ray1.6.1.5Fishder. ofenyeeni
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