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efumbeefumbenAfrican Civet; carnivorous animal that is 80 cm long with a tail 40 cm long. It is heavily spotted and striped on its whitish bodySynehigangalasp. Civettictis civetta fam. Viverridae1.

ehibbweebibbwen1Side-striped Jackal; carnivorous animal of the dog family that is usually found in swamps and that hunts at nightHya musiso ohugudula ehyeso ehibbwe ni hisama.Bahwangalisa epiki nkaga neene ohujiŋira hwirungu hya ndalandala.It is taboo to play the ‘omweso’ game when a jackal yaps. One who did so was made to carry the sixty four pellets, used for playing, one by one to the swamp.sp. Canis adustus fam. Canidae1. Fox; wild hunting animal of the dog family that is 61 cm long, and 30 cm high that hunts at nightsp. Vulpes chama fam.Canidae1.

ehigangalaebigangalanAfrican Civet; carnivorous animal that is 80 cm long with a tail 40 cm long. It is heavily spotted and striped on its whitish bodySynefumbesp. Civettictis civetta fam. Viverridae1.

ekapaekapancat; small, domestic, carnivorous animal kept to eat rats or as a petEpuusi nʼembwa sibyendana.Cats and dogs are enemies.Synepuusisp. Felis aurata fam. Felidae6.3.1.6Cat1. animal

embwa1embwan1dog; common domesticated animal kept for guarding things, hunting or as a petEmbwa bayihumira mu mago ohusama nʼehuuma amago oba ohuyiŋimisa.A dog is domesticated to bark as it keeps the home, or for hunting.sp. Canis familliaris fam. Canidae6.3.1.5Dog1. animal2dog; wild carnivorous animal that is similar to the domesticated dogEmbwa jitera ohuŋimira mu bibbubbu ebyʼembwa etaanu nʼomusobyo.Wild dogs hunt in packs of five and above.sp. Lycaon pictus fam. Canidae6.3.1.5Dog1.

emondoemondonServal; carnivore with spots like a leopard, but with a short tail and large earssp. Felis serval fam. Felidae1.

enduhulu1enduhulun1Otter; small water animal with short hairs. It is 65 cm long and weighs about 6.5 kgEnduhulu esobola ohwebbomba magalamiriiye mu maaji.The otter can swim facing up in water.sp. Lutra maculicullis fam. Mustelidae1. skin bracelet (strips of otter skin) worn by children as protection against charms and disease4.9.4.1Sorcery4.9.8Religious things

engweengwenLeopard; brown carnivore with white legs and black spots all over its bodySynetihosp. Panthera pardus fam. Felidae1.

epologomaepologomanLion; tawny carnivore of the cat family that is strongly built and whose male has a mane at the necksp. Panthera Leo fam. Felidae1.

epuusiepuusincat; small, domestic, carnivorous animal kept to eat rats or as a petEpuusi nʼembwa sibyendana.Cats and dogs are enemies.Synekapasp. Felis aurata fam. Felidae6.3.1.6Cat1. animal

esebeyiesebeyinCusimane; small dark brown, wide-bodied mongoose, with a long snout and a short tailsp. Crossarchus obscurus. fam. Herpestidae1.

esujeesujenSuricate; pale mongoose-like carnivore, with a domed forehead and a pointed snoutsp. Suricata suricata fam Herpestidae1.

etihoetihonLeopard; large fierce animal of the cat family that is yellow with black spotsSynengwesp. Panthera pardus fam. Felidae1. nʼetihonIdiom. bitter enemy4.8.2.9Enemy

lugunjwilugunjwinSlender Mongoose or Black-tipped Mongoose; sinuous short legged carnivore that is 32 cm long with an equally long tail. This predator is brown with a black end of the tailsp. Herpestes sanguineus fam. Herpestidae1.

masambamasambanWater Mongoose; small dark brown carnivorous animal that lives in swampy areas and feeds on fish and snailssp. Atilax paludinosus fam. Herpestidae1.

namuunyunamuunyunSpotted Hyena; second largest carnivore in Africa after the lion. It has brown, and has high shoulders that slope to the hindquarters. It also has a short mane ending at the shoulders.sp. Crocuta crocuta fam. Hyaenidae1.

nawangeyenawangeyenHoney Badger; carnivore that hunts for honey and at times eats chickenNawangeya alya omudugere ko nʼebiyali byʼenjuhi.The honey badger eats honey and honey combs.sp. Mellivora capensis fam. Mustelidae1.

olusiramondoesiramondonCheetah; carnivorous animal that is the fastest animal and that resembles a leopardsp. Acinonyx jubatus fam. Felidae1.

omunyalaeminyalanLarge-spotted Genet or Polecat; carnivorous animal with stripes on its back and spots all over its brown body. It measures 54 cm with a tail of 22 cmsp. Genetta tigrina fam. Viverridae1.

omusegeemisegen1Aardwolf; carnivorous animal that looks like a hyena, but it is smaller. It measures about 80 cm long, and weighs about 12 kgsp. Proteles cristatus fam. Hyaenidae1. jackal, Common Jackal, Asiatic Jackal; carnivorous animal resembling a fox, but with a pointed muzzle and a shorter tail. It measures 1 m long and its height is about 50 cmsp. Canis aureus fam. Canidae1.

omuyaayuemiyaayunwild cat; domestic feline that leaves the home and becomes feral6.3.1.6Cat1.