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ehibotoleebibotolens.t. twisted or turned to change its position; s.t. tied or wrapped around s.t. else8.3.1Shape8., wring7.3.7.2Wrap8.

ohudidingavcrumple; roll up or fold in a disorderly manner8. up8.

ohufunjavtrample, e.g., flatten grass with the feet of many people7.2.1.1Walkohufunjafunjavfold roughly several times8.

ohufunjafunjavfold roughly several times8. ofohufunja

ohugedagedavfold over multiple times8.

ohuhunyahunyavwrinkle; fold s.t. in a ruffling manner8.3.2.2Rough8.

ohwanjulusavunfoldYanjulusa omukeeka hugwihaleho.Unfold spread the mat so that we sit on it. up8. ofohwanjuluha

ohwefunyamovbe foldedOluŋambo lwefunyireemo.The papyrus mat is folded. ofohufunya