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endobo1endobonbucket, pail; container with an open top and a handle, often used to carry liquids6.6.7.2Conveying water6.6.7Working with water5.1Household equipment6.7.7Containerohwehubba endobovIdiom. contradict yourself; go against what you have already said3. your mind

ohuduhanavquarrelOhuduhana huŋomera abaana abaŋere.Quarrelling suits little children. ofohuduha

ohuhomba hwʼerimavIdiom. oppose, resist; resolutely refuse to do s.t.Omusaani wuwe ahombire hwʼerima ohuja mu musomero eri bataŋenyuhamo, geenda lyahuŋenyuhamo.His son has totally refused to go to a day school, he wants to go to a boarding one. to do something3. against something bad4. against authority
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