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ohusindusavshock; scare3.4.1.3Surprise3.4.2.4Afraid3. evil tohasindusa baliminBurrowing Skink; small animal of the lizard family, that often frightens people when they expose it from under rocks or logs where it usually hidessp. Riopa sundevallii fam. Scincidae1. each other3.4.1.3Surprise3.4.2.4Afraid4.8.2Fight3. evil to

ohutawaanavtoil; work hardHiisi muhosi ayawaana ko gafuna ekemba omwesi ni guŋooyeho.Every worker works hard so as to earn a wage at the end of the month. hard6.1.2.3Work wellohutawaanyavdisturb, disorganise; throw into disarray8.4.7.1Interrupt3.4.2.3Angry4.8.2Fight3. evil to4.3.4.6Meddle
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