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ehereamaherenfrog, toad; small animal that lives both in water and on land that has no tail and that moves by jumping1.6.1.4Amphibian

ehyomuhidibaebyomubidibanpond creature; s.t. in a pond or stagnant waterAmahere bitonde byomuhidiba.Frogs are creatures of the pond., lake1.6.1.4Amphibian

enduhulu2enduhuluntadpole; juvenile stage in the growth of a frog1.6.1.4Amphibian

esoloesolonanimal; living creature that moves, reproduces, hears, feeds, feels, sees and respiresEbisolo bitiina bihendeera olwʼohulima esugu.The number of wild animals is dwindling because of cultivating their bush. of animals1.6Animalehisolo ehyomwisugunwild animal1.6.1Types of animalsesolo eyaŋangondomesticated animal6.3.1Domesticated animalesolo eyitaba nʼehitaninmarsupial, mammal of which the female has a pouch containing teats where the young are fed and carried1. eyomubulibanwater animal; animal that lives in an expanse of water1.6.1.5Fish1. mammalesolo eyomumaaji nʼohubwomunamphibian; animal that lives partly in water1.6.1Types of animals1.6.1.4Amphibianesolo eyookesanmammal; animal that has mammary glands to suckle their young1.6.1.1Mammal

esolo eyomumaaji nʼohubwomuesolo ejomumaaji nʼohubwomunamphibian; animal that lives partly in waterEmbiri solo yo mu maaji.A hippo is an amphibian.1.6.1Types of animals1.6.1.4Amphibiander. ofesolo

nalujuuhanalujuuhanMascarene Frog; type of slender frog that makes long leapssp. Ptychadena mascareniensis Order Anura1.6.1.4Amphibian

wanengewanengensmall toad that lays very many eggs on land, and not on water like the rest of the frogssp. Bufo regularis fam. Bufonidae1.6.1.4Amphibian