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ehibonehavar.ehibonehereraebibonehans.t. obvious, physical, tangible; s.t. visible, in the open for all to seeEhiboneha sihirisya muŋere.Whatever is visible shouldn’t be the cause of a child’s crying., unknown2.3.1.5Visible3.

ehyeragaebyeragans.t. plain, visible, obvious, self-evidentEdwaya yeraga nʼehulire nʼohuholyoha.A mature cock shows itself by crowing., unknown2.3.1.5Visible3.

ehyomugiraasivar.ehiri mu giraasiebyomugiraasiEnglishnIdiom. obvious thing; s.t. as clear as daylightHiri mu giraasi ti omumeesi sasobola huduluma emita ecikumi.It is an obvious thing that a drunkard can’t run a hundred metre race., unknown2.3.1.5Visible3.

ohufa2v1dieMaama gafuuye.Mother died.2.6.6Die2be cancelledEbyʼohuhwa eyi muganda yange abaaye nʼahwa byafuuye.My brother’s up coming marriage has been cancelled. something6. an eventehiguudyo hyʼohufandeath sentence; capital punishment4.7.6.2Condemn, find guilty4.7.7.4ExecuteohufaahovMetaphor. be unconscious; be sick to the extent of being in coma2.5.6.4Lose consciousnessohufaaniav1regain consciousness2.5.6.4Lose consciousness2understand, recognise, perceive, see clearly and get the meaning of s.t.2.3Sense, perceive3.2.6.2Recognize3.2.4Understandohutafavhave everlasting life; be immortal8.4.2.3Forever4.9.6.1Resurrection

ohufaaniav1regain consciousnessOhuhena ohugwa efubu, ŋahani afania.Now, she has regained consciousness after fainting. consciousness2understand, recognise, perceive, see clearly and get the meaning of s.t.Afaniisye ehindoma.He has understood what I am saying.ŋahani faniisye lwahina abahasi, abahalehale, sibalyanga ngoho.It is now clear to me why, in the old days, women were not eating chicken.2.3Sense, perceive3.2.6.2Recognize3.2.4Understandder. ofohufa2

ohwemanyirisavbecome familiar with s.b. or a situation so that in the end that person is not treated with due respect4.1Relationships3.2.3.1Known, unknown4.1.3Know someone6.1.8Experienced4. a person3.2.6.2Recognize6.1.8.1Accustomed toder. ofohumanya