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ehibunpair of people who work together alternately, sharing equal days to work at each other’s portion4.1Relationships9.5.2.1Together6.9.2Work for someone8.

ohwabaabavar.ohwababahov1feel; perceive s.t. by passing the palm of the hand over itEhiirema hingi, mwababeeho; aliŋo?It is very dark, touch him, is he there?Mwababeeho obone omubiri ni guhimwohya.Pass your hand over him and find out whether he is still very hot.Omubiri gwange gwohya; njababeho bone.My body is hot, feel it and see.2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touch2grope7.3.4.5Actions of the hand2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touch3ohubisyaho engaloBamwababisye ni bamwabaaba obulesi bwʼamafuta hu mugongo ogwali ni gumuluma.They massaged his aching back with medicinal oils.2.5.7Treat disease7.3.4.5Actions of the hand2.3.5Sense of touch7.3.4.1Touch4show affection by touching s.b.4.1Relationships4.1.8Show affection3.4.1.1Like, love4.3.3Love2.6.1.5Romantic love

ohwemanyirisavbecome familiar with s.b. or a situation so that in the end that person is not treated with due respect4.1Relationships3.2.3.1Known, unknown4.1.3Know someone6.1.8Experienced4. a person3.2.6.2Recognize6.1.8.1Accustomed toder. ofohumanya

olubbahoembahonrelationshipManweli gandiho olubbaho.Manweli is related to me.4.1Relationships4.1.9.1Related by birth

omuhumbaemihumbancomradeship, friendship, companionship4.1Relationships4.1.1Friend

owʼehinywiabʼehinywincomrade or beer-drinking mate4.1Relationships5.2.3.7Alcoholic beverage4.1.1Friend