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ohweŋimbav1unite, come together, join together in a group; form a group with a common goal4.3.4.3Cooperate with4.1.2.1Working relationship4.1.7Begin a relationship4.2.1Come together, form a group4.1.5Unity4.2.1.6Participate3.2.5.4Agree with someone2stick together in marriage4.1.5Unity2.6.1Marriage3Taboo. have sexual intercourse2.6.2Sexual relationsder. ofohuŋimba

olubuembun1turn; when one is due to do s.t. where things are one after the other4.3.4.3Cooperate with8. in a book3.5.7.2Written material8.1.6.1Part4.9.3.1Sacred writings

olugoboengobonturn for working for one of the members of a group4.3.4.3Cooperate with8.