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ehibbuhiiriebibbuhiirins.t. rusty8.

ohubulunguhavcrumble; cause s.t. to break into small pieces7.8.1Breakohubulungulav1destroy, damage, smash, disintegrate s.t. by crumbling it7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break4., take apart7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out2thresh maize so that seeds are removed from the cobs6.2.6.3Thresh6.2.6Process harvest

ohugemulavdemolish, destroy esp. a wall of a houseEhiteepe hyʼe Berlin bahigemuuye.The Berlin wall was broken down.7.9.2Tear down7.8.1Break4., take apart7.9.3Destroy7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ohuseseŋav1be eaten up by insects7.9.3Destroy2be rusted8.

solookesolookenrust; brown red coating that forms on the surface of iron when exposed to a mixture of air and moistureEsefuliya eyʼehyoma eyaŋenyuhire ebulafu buhyeye nʼeriho esolooke.The iron cooking pan that was left exposed outside has rust on it this morning. solookevIdiom. be sick2.5.1Sick