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ehibbwagihiebibbwagihins.t. that is in pieces, that is brokenAmeeno amabwagihi gaba moogi ate matundutunu.Broken teeth are jagged and not whole.7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ehigabuleebigabulens.t. that is divided into pieces7.5.1.1Separate, scatter8.1.6.1Part7.8Divide into pieces

ehisusunguleebisusungulens.t. broken to small pieces7.8.1Break7.8Divide into pieces

ehyadihiebyadihinbroken thingEgi eyadihire siryalula.A broken egg does not hatch.7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.8.2Crack7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ohubbongohavbe broken at a certain pointEtamu ebbongohiireho omuniga.The pot is broken at the rim.7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear outder. ofohubbongola

ohubbongolavbreak offOtabbongola muhono gwʼehihopo.Don’t break off the handle of the cup.7.8.1Break7.8Divide into piecesohubbongohavbe broken at a certain point7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damage7.9Break, wear out

ohubbwagabbwagamovbreak s.t. into several pieces7.8.1Break7.8Divide into piecesder. ofohubbwaga

ohubbwagihavget broken; get separated into pieces quickly and violently7.8.1Break7.8.4Tear, rip7.9.3Destroy7.8Divide into pieces7.9.1Damageder. ofohubbwaga

ohugabavar.ohugabulirav1give to othersGangabuliiye ebiryo bingi luhulu nasimire.He gave me plenty of food and I rejoiced.Tugabe emirimo hutambe.Give us work and we do it (lit: and we work).6.8.3Share wealth3.3.5Offer6.8.3.1Give, donate4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice4.3.4.5Share with2distribute among those present6.8.3Share wealth7.4.4Distribute4.3.4.5Share with5.2.1.5Serve food9.6.1.7Distributionohugabiriravprovide for the needs of s.b. for, supportohugabulavgive out things to some people, e.g., serve food4.5.4.3Serve7.4.1Give, hand to5.2.1.5Serve foodohugabula ebibbubbuvdistribute things to people gathered in groups7.4.4Distribute4.3.4.5Share with5.2.1.5Serve food7.8Divide into pieces9.6.1.7Distribution