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ehicoloŋoebicoloŋoTesonsmall wooden stool5.1.1.2Chair

ehisaapaebisaapanmat made of papyrus or banana fibres that has aged6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.5.2.3Floor5.1.1Furniture5.1.1.2Chair5.1.1.3Bed

ehiihaloebiihalon1seat; chair; form seat; bench seat5.1.1.2Chair2place where s.t. or s.b. is, often in relation to other things or peopleAbageni bolire, abali mu biihalo byawe mubaŋweremo.The visitors have arrived, those in their places should vacate them.8.5Location8.2.5Big area9.5.1.6Spatial location of an event9.1.3.2Situation8.5.3Be at a place8.5.4Area8.5.4.1Vicinity

ehyambiebyambin1visitor’s seat; s.t. given a visitor to sit onOmugeni gaajire muŋe ehyambi.The visitor has come, give him s.t. to sit on. or mat on which a diviner sits or the one spread for the spirit Mukama5.1.1.2Chair

ekoneroekoneronsmall chair5.1.1.2Chair


etebeetebenchair; constructed structure to be sat on5.1.1.2Chairetebe eyamagulu adatunstool5.1.1.2Chair

etebe eyamagulu adatuetebe eyamagulu adatunstool5.1.1.2Chairder. ofetebe

musutamemusutamenfolding chair5.1.1.2Chair

mwami akooyemwami akooyeLugandanIdiom. sling back or easy chair5.1.1.2Chairchief tired

omukeekaemikeekanpalm leaf mat; s.t. woven from palm leaves used for sitting or sleeping on6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.5.2.3Floor5.1.1Furniture5.1.1.2Chair5.1.1.3Bed