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koonyovar.linda koonyoconj1before8.4.6.2Past8.4.5.2Before2then, after that; an introduction of what has precededGaliiye ebiŋolu konyo gatiina hu somero.He had his breakfast then went to school., sequence9.6.2.7Purpose 8.4.5Relative time9.6.2.6Result9.6.3.1Markers of transition conjunctions8. koonyointerj‘wait a moment’, ‘keep calm’ a request for patience3.

ohusookavstart; beginOhusooka nenda ohulya konyo penyuhe.To start with, I like to eat before i sleep. something8. first; come before others in time, or sequence8. numbers8.4.5.2Before7.2.5.1Go first8.

ohwesookavbe first; come before others in time, or sequenceGadulumire luhulu gesooka abahye bosi bosi hu mugoye.He ran very fast and came first at the finishing line. numbers8.4.5.2Before7.2.5.1Go first8. ofohusooka