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ehihongoebihongonpeg; pole fixed in the ground on which a domestic animal is tetheredEbunwa yahali nga esidihiwa hu hihongo ehigumu.A bull should be tied on a strong peg.6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.7.5Fastening tool7.5.4Tie

ehiraalo1ebiraalon1herd of cattle; flock of sheep, goats6.3.2Tend herds in fields1.6.6Animal group2kraal, pen; shed or an enclosure where domestic animals are kept1.6.5Animal home6.3Animal husbandry6.5.1.5Fence, wall6.5.1Building

ehitakere1ebitakerenflockEhitakere hyʼengoho.A flock of chickens.6.3.2Tend herds in fields1.6.6Animal group

ehyayoebyayonarea where grazing of animals is doneAŋirire eŋoombe mu hyayo.He has taken the cattle to the grazing area.6.3.2Tend herds in fields1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingebyʼamagesi mu byayonveterinary science; knowledge about lives of animals6.3.8Veterinary science6.4.6Things done to animals2.5.7.1Doctor, nurseehyayo ebi baaya mu magondomestic livestock; i.e., cattle, sheep, goats and poultry6.3.1Domesticated animal

esimbo1esimbon1walking stick, staff; support for a lame person2.5.7Treat disease7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty2.5.4Disabled2cane; one of the weapons used to beat people when stealing4.7.7Punish4.8.3.7Weapon, shoot3stick used when herding cattle6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.7.1.1Poking tool1.5.5Parts of a plant

obwayin1animal husbandry; way of looking after animals6.3Animal husbandry2payment made to a herdsman for looking after s.b.’s animals. It is usually in the form of an animal6.8.4.5Pay6.3.8Veterinary science6.3Animal husbandryomwayinherdsman; s.b. who rears animals6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.2.7Farm worker

ohugedavherd, direct animals where to go, esp. bride wealth cattleGedireho mbojo yʼomusere oyo.He went for the [bride wealth] cattle of that boy’s sister.6.3.2Tend herds in fields2.6.1.1Arrange a marriage6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating

ohwayav1graze; take cattle to the bush for grazingNjaani oja ohwaya eŋoombe ŋaahani?Who is going to graze the cattle now?6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating2the eating of grass by animalsEŋoombe jiri mu hwaya.The cows are eating grass.5.2.2Eat6.3Animal husbandry3look after animalsWabwire gaaya bulaŋi ebisolo bibye; byosibyosi binyirira.Wawire tends his animals well; they are all lively.6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandryohwayihisamovgraze animals in a certain locality6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingohwayisavgraze animals6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating

ohwayihisamovgraze animals in a certain localityObule bwange bubaaye bwitulula naye muliranwa wange gayihisiyeemo eŋombe jije.My millet crops had started flowering,but my neighbour grazed his cattle in the plot.6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingder. ofohwaya

ohwemera1vherd; tend domestic animalsGemera eŋombe ehumi.He is tending ten cows.6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingohwemereramovwrongly graze animals in a crop field6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eating

ohwemereramovwrongly graze animals in a crop fieldGemereeye ebyayo mu bule bwa muliranwa wuwe.He grazed his cattle in his neighbour’s millet field.6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.3Animal husbandry1.6.4.2Animal eatingder. ofohwemera1

omujugoemijugonsmall bell fastened around the neck of an animal6.3.2Tend herds in fields3.3.3.7Warn2.3.2.3Types of soundsomujugo mu ŋombencowbell; bell tied round the neck of a cow6.3.2Tend herds in fields3.3.3.7Warn2.3.2.3Types of sounds

omujugo mu ŋombeemijugo mu ŋombencowbell; bell tied round the neck of a cow6.3.2Tend herds in fields3.3.3.7Warn2.3.2.3Types of soundsder. ofomujugo

omulaaloabalaalonherdsman; esp. used of people from Ankole and Rwanda who move to Bunyole to take up jobs as cattle herdsmen6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.2.7Farm worker

omwayivar.omubayiabaayi or ababayinherdsman; s.b. who rears animals6.3.2Tend herds in fields6.2.7Farm workerder. ofobwayi