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ehidooli hyʼebisoloebidooli byʼebisolonnational park, game park; area set aside for animals where people pay to see them1.6.5Animal home4.2.9Holiday1.2.1.3Plain, plateau7.2.4Travel1.2.1.6Forest, grassland, desert6.4.6Things done to animals1.6.6Animal groupder. ofehidooli1

ehoteerovar.ewuteeriehoteeroEnglishnhotel, restaurant; place where people buy food to eat5.2.1Food preparation7.2.4Travel5.2.1.5Serve food6.5.1Building

ohugendav1walk; move from one place to another using the feetOnagende waja ese eyindi.You will walk [and come] to where i am. from one place to another7.2.4Travel7.2.4.1Travel by landohugenda himbeejavwalk gracefully7.2.1.4Graceful7.2.1.1Walkohugenda luhiriijivstumble; walk in a way that is not controlled7., slide7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7. nugaliitavwalk in a clumsy manner7.2.1.1Walk7.2.1.5Walk with difficulty7. nuhubba epindovwalk noisily with thuds7.2.1.7Move noisily7.2.1.1Walkohugendera amaguluvtravel on foot7.2.1.1Walk7.2.4Travel7.2.4.1Travel by landohugendera mundegevtravel by air7.2.4.4Travel in space7.2.4Travel7.2.4.3Fly

ohuŋabavgo directly, non-stop; move from one place to another without making a stop on the way7.2.3.2Go7.2.2.9Move straight without turning7.2.4Travel

ohutiinanavtravel together; go to some place together but for different reasons7.2.5Accompany7.2.4Travel7.2.4.1Travel by landder. ofohutiina

ohutuuma1vjump; spring up from the ground very suddenly without assistanceOhutuuma obulesi.To jump or step over buried sorcery medicine. movement7. a larger degree7.2.2.4Move up7.2Moveohutuumagisavjump several times7. out of7.2.2.5Move down7. continuously7. onto7. upohutuumira mu bbangavtravel in space7.2.4.4Travel in space7.2.4Travel

ohwejonjavenjoy a free ride on a vehicle like a bicycle, motor cycle etc.7.2.4Travel6. of charge

olugendoengendonjourney; travel from one place to another place that is distant and that sometimes necessitates using a vehicle7.2.4Travel8.2.6Distance8.2.6.1Far