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ehifeeyerenimpatience; situation when s.b. is not prepared to wait when required to do soGaali nʼehifeeyere nigenda bamuhole hu niye ohusoka.He was impatient and agitated to be served first. self-control4.

nabigwahunabigwahunimpetuous, impulsive person; s.b. who is not cautious in approach4.3.6.1Lack self-control4.

ohubbikitiravact rashly; do s.t without first thinking of the consequencesSihiraŋi ohubbikitira omutula nju.It isn’t good to hurry to take over a divorced woman. quickly8.4.8.1Quick4.

ohuhutuhavfidget; be constantly making restless little movements7.2.2.8Move back and forth3.

ohuluŋiirirav1be boredNenda ohutula nduŋiriiye mu nyumba.I want to go out, I’m bored in the house., bored3. tiredNduŋiriiye nʼohulera esanduuku.I am fatigued by carrying the box on my lap.2.4.4Tiredohuluŋiirisavbe tiresome3., bored

ohusagasaganavbe bewildered, excited; behave in a panicky wayGasagasagene ohuniina omuyembe ni gaguweneho emiyembe emirabire eyene emiingi.He excitedly climbed the mango tree when he saw many ripe mangoes on it. quickly4.

ohweŋooyavtake your time in doing s.t. not hurrying, do it at a leisurely pace; slow and steady8.4.8.2Slow7. slowlyohuŋooyavhandle with care, cause s.b. to act slowly or take at a slow pace6. slowlyohuteŋooyavbe hasty, e.g., in decision making7.2.1.2Move quickly8.4.8.1Quick4.