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ehifulugunyaebifulugunyanroll, s.t. that rolls around inside a container or under a cover8., wring7.2.2.7Move in a circle

ohusiringavtrample; destroy s.t. by treading upon itEŋombe jisiringire omuga gwa famba gwosigwosi.The cows have destroyed the whole plot of cotton. easily pushed7.3.2.9Pushohusiringisyavmove s.t. by rolling it7.3.5Turn something7.2.2.7Move in a circle

ohutigaliravbesiege, build a blockade, barrier; block from moving or escape, so as to cause surrenderOhutinda amaaji gatatiina.Build a barrier to stop water from flowing.Abaŋiimi ehumi bosibosi batigaliiye esolo ndiiba nʼaŋohubitiraAll the ten hunters surrounded the animal so that it had no way of escaping., dam up4.8.2.3Attack7.2.2.7Move in a circle6.4.1Hunt7.2.6.2Prevent from moving

ohwebodokaniavmove to and fro, walk around in circles; go around one place several times7.2.1.1Walk7.2.2.7Move in a circle

ohwehulungululavar.ohwehuyungirisavencircle; move in a circleEhibbubbu hyʼepologoma hyehulunguuye gwapeto eyi jetire.A pride of lions encircled the zebra they had killed. in a circle

ohweswanigiriravcause to encircleOmulogo geswanigirihiise enyumba yange owiire.The sorcerer encircled my house at night. in a circleder. ofohuswanigirisa

ohwetoloolavar.ohwebodoheresavencircle; go around s.t.Eriyo olugoba olwʼamaŋwa ohwetoloola enju yiye.There is a fence made of thorn shrubs around his house. in a circleohwetoloosavencircle; make s.t. go around s.t. in a circle

ohwetoloosavencircle; make s.t. go around s.t.Ohwetoloosa omusipi mu hihunya.Pass a belt round the waist. in a circleder. ofohwetoloola

oluhiriijinmovement, in a circle7.2.2.7Move in a circle