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ohubaaho omusambbwavbe possessed by a spirit4.9.4.2Demon possessionder. ofomusambwa

ohubbingav1dismiss s.b. who is dislikedGabbingire omuhasi wuwe olwʼobuhwedi.He dismissed his wife because of her immorality.7.2.8Send someone4.7.7.5Ostracize7.3.3.4Chase away2chase away; cause s.t. to runGabbingire ekima hu mere.He chased the marauding monkeys from the garden. away3beat, win, defeat; prevail over, e.g., in a game, fight, contest or in war4.2.6.2Sports4.8.3.1Defeat4.8.3.2Win4exorcise; cast out a demon4.9.4.2Demon possessionohubbinga omuhasivdivorce a woman; cause a wife to leave your home4.1.7.1End a relationship2.6.1.4Divorceohubbingiwav1be chased by an opponent in a race4.2.6.2Sports7.2.6Pursue7. defeated4.2.6.2Sports4.8.3.3Lose a fight4.8.3.1Defeatohubbingiwa mu busoolovlose a fight4.2.6.2Sports4.8.3.3Lose a fight4.8.3.1Defeat

ohulagulavdivine; prophesy; foretell4.9.4.6Prophecy4.9.4.7Omen, divination3.2.7.3Predictohulagulira amola gamaidovcast lots using groundnut shells as dice3.3.1.3Cast lotsohulagulira esimbivcast lots using cowry shells as dice3.3.1.3Cast lotsohulagulisa endusuvcast lots using coins3.3.1.3Cast lotsohweragusav1speak through s.b., of a medium, ghost or spirit that possesses and speaks through s.b. or though a diviner to his client4.9.4.2Demon possession4.9.4.1Sorcery2consult a diviner3.5.1.5Ask4.9.4.7Omen, divination

ohumalyav1cure by exorcism; send an illness or misfortune by sending it somewhere else or onto s.b. else4.9.4.2Demon possession2exorcise; rid s.b. of devil influence4.9.4.2Demon possession

ohusamiravtremble, hallucinate, and shake while moaning, crying and speaking hysterically due to being demon possessedOmusambwa ni gunahuŋambe osamira luhulu.When you are caught by a spirit you speak hysterically. possession2.5.6.6Vision, hallucination2.5.8Mental illness3.4Emotionohusamisavmake s.t. demon possessed4.9.4.2Demon possession

ohusamisavmake s.t. demon possessed4.9.4.2Demon possessionder. ofohusamira

ohweragusav1speak through s.b., of a medium, ghost or spirit that possesses and speaks through s.b. or though a diviner to his clientOmulogo ni genda ohuhwita asoka huhweragusa.When a sorcerer wants to kill you he begins by possessing or speaking through you. possession4.9.4.1Sorcery2consult a diviner3.5.1.5Ask4.9.4.7Omen, divinationder. ofohulagula