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ehyabulaebyabulanteeter-totter; seesaw4.2.6.1Game

ekalataekalatanplaying card4.2.6.4Gambling4.2.6.1Game

epikiepikinstones or seeds of a certain tree used in a game of ‘mweso’ epikivIdiom. cheat in a game of ‘mweso’ or in marriage4.

ohutemav1chop down; fell6.6.3.1Lumbering7.8.3Cut6.2.2.1Clear a field2cut and injure; injure by cutting7.8.3Cut2.5.3Injure7.9.1Damage3Metaphor. technical win in a game of ‘mweso’ ohuguluvamputate a leg2.5.7Treat disease2.5.3.1Amputateohutematemavcut, chop into small pieces7.8.3Cut7.8Divide into piecesohutematemewavbe cut indiscriminately7.8.3Cutohwetemavcut yourself7.8.3Cut2.5.3Injure

ohwagaaganav1be equal with; be the same measure in size or lengthEpologoma siyaaga nʼenjofu obubbala.A lion is not equal to the elephant in size.; have the same score in a gameHwagageene mu mupiira, egoolo ndala hu ndala.We drew in the game of football scoring one goal each.; put things together with an intension of noting their difference3.2.2.3Evaluate, test9.6.2.3Relations involving correspondences8.3.5.2Compare2equalise; cause things to be equal in weight, volume or length9.6.1.8Equivalence8.

omwesi2abeesinMweso player; s.b. who knows how to play the ‘omweso’ game4., fun

omwesoemyesongame of thirty two holes on a board or on the ground played using sixty four seeds or stonesOhuteeha omweso buli loŋo mubaamo epiki ebiri.To set the ‘omweso’ game means to put two seeds or stones in every hole on the board.

pata poteyapata poteyanIdiom. game of gambling4.2.6.4Gambling4.2.6.1Game